LHS’s Rock Orchestra

LHS’s Rock Orchestra

By Mimi Merliss

As you might have noticed during the past year, a lot of change has come to Lincoln High School’s music department, namely the hiring of Brett Nosure and Chris Watson along with the extensive renovation of the band and orchestra facilities. While things have remained fairly usual, Thursday February 25th will mark the first orchestral rock performance by the Lincoln High Orchestra. Lead by Brett Nosure and Dan Ehly, the orchestra will play a variety of popular rock songs including Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, and the theme from the popular video game, Halo. If the concert on the 25th goes well, an annual LHS orchestral rock concert may become part of their performing season. Come see the very first Lincoln High band and orchestra concert in the new Ted Sorensen theatre February 25th and 7:00pm!


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