It’s About Time: The School Day Schedule

It’s About Time:  The School Day Schedule

By Ashlee Schaaf
From 7:55am to 3:05pm, LHS students have class. From 7:57am to 3pm, LSE students have class.  From 8:15am to 3:03pm, LSW students have class.  From 8am to 3pm, LNE students and EHS students have class.  From 7:57am to 3:01pm, LNS students have class. This means that Lincoln High’s total time for a school day adds up to seven hours and ten minutes.  Southeast’s total is seven hours and three minutes, Southwest’s is six hours and forty two minutes, Northeast’s and East’s are seven hours, and North Star’s ends up to be six hours and fifty eight minutes.  As you can clearly see, Lincoln High goes between seven and twenty eight minutes longer than other LPS high schools.  Why this is, I don’t know.  All six schools are in the same district, yet one school has nearly half an hour less of class time than another.  This doesn’t seem fair, since the graduation requirements are the same for every public high school in Lincoln.  They take the same exact courses, yet they sit through half an hour less of class time.
The LPS website showed no required time limit of classroom time for high school students, however, four of the six high schools go at least seven hours, so seven hours seems to be roughly the requirement.  Besides East, who has five minutes, six minutes are given for passing periods in between classes in the other five high schools.  The school days seem long enough already, but knowing that we go between seven and twenty eight minutes longer than other high schools in our districts makes our day seem even longer.  Knowing that at the time we are staring at the clock, waiting for the final five agonizing minutes of school to be over, Southeast students are on their way to their cars.  Knowing that nearly halfway through our second period class, Southwest students are just arriving to their first class.  It seems unethical, and quite irritating, especially since there seems to be no good reason why our school day is as long as it is.


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