Sorensen Theatre Formally Dedicated

Sorensen Theatre Formally Dedicated

In an occasion marking time, Ted Sorensen returned to Lincoln High School for the formal dedication of the theatre that now bears his name.  Mr. Sorensen began the day conversing with friends, teachers, and classmates over a small lunch in the media center.  The event then moved upstairs where the stage was filled with performances:  first a violin duet by Weslsey Van Hoosen (11) and Nicole Taege (11), followed by a performance of a scene from the LHS production of Anastasia.  Former Link Allison Frenzel performed with Jack Oliva (Dean of Fine Arts and UNL) a series of numbers marking Sorensen’s life.  A video compiled by Nicole Taege and Theatre teacher Molly Thomas was shown for an audience that spanned fifty years of Lincoln High history.  Drama boosters presented Mr. Sorensen with a 1915 original chair from the balcony that was numbered Row S Seat 1 in Sorensen’s honor.  Mr. Henieman then provided a quick visual history of the LHS theatre that was followed by a speech by LPS Superintendent Susan Gourley.
The day was topped by a speech from Mr. Sorensen, himself (excerpt below).  Lincoln High and the community has always proved to be important to Mr. Sorensen and his frequent returns to Lincoln High luminate his fondness for his high school.  Decorative signs will be in place over the threatre doors for school next year.

An excerpt from Ted Sorensen’s speech:

“Wow.  That’s all I can say.  What a thrill. What a theatre.  After I saw the movie about what it took to get the old seats taken out, I’m more thankful.  I’ve pulled at least two or three all-nighters in the White House, but we never had such good results as this.  I also am overwhelmed by the amont of talent that is already here… I join the superintendent in thanking the voters and tapayers of Lincoln, Nebraska because my entire education, from kindergarten through law school was provider and paid for by the taxpayers and voters of Lincoln and whatever I have accomplished in my life, I have made it a point to say it in my books and in my speeches.  But to have an honor such as this is overwhleming.  I have spoken in all kinds of halls, theatres, and even palaces around the world… but home for me has always been Lincoln, Nebraska and none of those grand stages thrilled me any more than the sight of this wonderful hall today.”

Ted Sorensen,  May 1, 2010
Lincoln High School


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