LHS band Light the Fuse Rocks Media Center

LHS band Light the Fuse Rocks Media Center

Elizabeth Lewy

An amazing group of High School students made a pact to stay together as a band and as friends. Four talented musicians, Jordan Radcliff, Josh Wolz, Grant Versaw, and Isaac Hawkins made what an amazing band is named Light The Fuse.

Left to Right: Grant Versaw(11), Josh Wolz(11), and Jordan Radcliff(12) of the band “Light the Fuse” perform for students in the Lincoln High media center on October 22. Photo by Seth Marshall

Jordan, Josh, and Grant come here to Lincoln High as our everyday peers. You can watch them as they proudly walk through the halls drumming or fingering out an air guitar to their songs.

Although Josh, Isaac, and Grant are juniors, Jordan, a Lincoln High senior, is extremely excited to be making his ‘musical way’ in Light The Fuse with his friends. In September they had a gig at Knickerbockers’ that went amazing, thanks to Andrew from A Summer Better Than Yours.
Andrew called Josh the Monday before the Friday they had performed offering Light The Fuse a gig at Knickerbockers’ on September 24th in place of a band that had canceled prior to the call. Their first fan-base began for them there.

“It was awesome… We developed a nice fan base there,” said Jordan with a huge grin.

“For our very first show it went really, really well. I mean all the other bands agreed.” said Josh. “A band called The Victory Lap, they were from Missouri, and when they knew that it was our first show and they were really, really impressed and we’re planning on playing shows with them in the future.”
Jordan chuckled, “I felt like we were really good friends. I love those guys. I can say that!”

They only had about 4 days to prepare with five songs and three of which did not even have lyrics yet. The pressure began. Jordan began shaking with excitement in his 8th period class as the week they imagined ahead of them dawned. Long hours of rehearsal in Isaac’s garage were dragged out as the Friday event came closer.

“The show was a push to get lyrics done for those three songs,” Josh said.

“We got them done and they sound majestic and beautiful,” Jordan commented with pride.

The set list was polished and set at the hands of the Friday night, Knickerbockers audience. Beginning with the song ‘No way out’ following close was the song ‘White lies,’ then ‘Stitches,’ ‘Get away,’ and the finally ‘Status.’ That Friday night, like fireworks on the 4th of July, the crowd went wild.
The song ‘No way out’ was composed in the length of 2 days. “‘White lies’ is a song about rumors and how best friends can stab you in the back sometimes.” Josh said while stroking his chin.

‘Stitches’ is a song about making mistakes and still being happy about making them in the first place. A mistake with no regret. “Making a mistake that you’re proud of,” Josh leans slightly backwards no longer stroking his chin with thought.

Their next song was ‘Get away.’ “That song makes you feel like you’re on a beach,” Jordan’s eyes shone with excitement. “It makes you wanna dance.” Josh went on without even taking notice while Jordan sat and danced.
“There’s our song called ‘Status’ and it’s about how the technological age today, it’s about how people misuse the technology of today, like cell phones, internet and stuff.”

“You know facebook, twitter, and myspace,” Jordan added.
“Like how people kind of hide behind facebook and text messages instead of actually talking
to people about that stuff.” Josh continued. “We write our songs about life experiences… experiences that we go through in life… things that people can relate to. Most of our songs are happy and upbeat.”

Then Friday came. The nerves of excitement jolted each of them and so did the natural nervousness
of its own. The stage fright was never there and fear wasn’t really an issue. The electric field of excitement is what drove them. The more they played the more they got into the music. The world shifted to their notes filling the stage of Knickerbockers and the ears of the audience and fans. Josh and Jordan, both agree that it’s the best feeling in the world.

The spirit of LTF is amazing. They want to go World Wide with their music and the expectations of staying together through every moment of stress and happiness. The tie between these four friends is unbreakable like a diamond cord bond holds them in their blood. Wishing the best for their career isn’t even the beginning.

Their voices of tone and the notes that come from each instrument is like the world just stops. The world renews. The mind heals. The creativity and joy in every note draws a crowd of its own.

Now, Light The Fuse leads full blow to the world to become open with a beginning without an end.


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