“Explosive!” Get Ready for Ground Zero

“Explosive!” Get Ready for Ground Zero

By Sam Larson

What do you get when you mix the student body of LHS, an extremely talented dance team, and a gym full of pep? Well at the 2010 Homecoming Pep Rally, everyone soon found out.

There’s a new club this year and they’re making their presence known! That club is Ground Zero. Ground Zero began when social studies Donna Anderson and senior Tim Curtis-Beard had the idea to start a dance crew at the assembly during freshman orientation. “Tim happened to be standing next to me and I said it would be really cool to start a dance crew here,” said Anderson. He asked her to be the sponsor, and she happily agreed, “it just started from a very simple idea that, hey, Lincoln High should have a dance crew.” Soon after, that’s exactly what they got.

Anderson is no stranger to dance. Growing up she participated in ballet for fourteen years. “Ballet was my big passion growing up. I really like dance and I like the technicality of dance and artistry of dance and the moves. I like the ability to provoke emotion in people and tell a story,” Anderson said.

The first performance by Ground Zero was during the annual LHS event of Festivus. After getting their feet wet, they set out for bigger and better places to perform, starting with the Homecoming Pep Rally. “We’re brainstorming ideas on what kind of performances we want to do,” said Anderson. “We’ll definitely be hitting up basketball games, maybe even some wrestling matches. I’m pretty new at this so I’m just taking my cues when I see them,” Anderson added.

Ground Zero seemed to have an incredible impact on the student body. Anderson believes this is because of the energy that the group brings, as well as the style. “Our generation really loves this hip hop style of dance,” she said.

The details of Ground Zero’s next performance aren’t completely worked out yet but as Anderson says, “Wherever they perform, whatever they do, they’re explosive. They come up with dance styles, and they come up with new moves to blow people away.”

Members of Ground Zero preform in Johnson Gym during the Homecoming Pep Rally. Ground Zero is under the direction of Social Studies teacher Donna Anderson.

One thing’s for sure, they’ll be performing just as she describes them, “Explosive!”


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