Brodrick Kudron Bio

Brodrick Kudron Bio

Hi! I’m Brodrick Kudron, I’m a junior here at LHS. I was  born on early on Christmas day in 1994. I enjoy dancing and music and almost any sport. I am an aspiring hip-hop dancer, and I dance with Ground Zero, I joined during the first year of GZ  so therefore I’m one of its founders. This school year will be our second year. I’m also in theatre here at LHS I, as well as many others here are very proud of the theatre program here. Last year, I was in the spring show The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I also plan on auditioning for the One-Act play Home  On The Morning Train by Kim Hines. A few more things people don’t know about me is that I take AP and Diff. classes such as, AP physics, AP US history or APUSH. I think of myself as a complex, and eccentric person, with an unusual thought pattern. That allows me to be me, obviously, like me or not I’m just human.


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