Tardy sweeps keep students running for class

Tardy sweeps keep students running for class

Students check in with Campus Supervisor John Goodwin during a Tardy Sweep 5th period on Tuesday.

Students check in with Campus Supervisor John Goodwin to get their passes to class and their detention notice during a Tardy Sweep 5th period on Tuesday.

This year’s Tardy Sweep policy has one significant change that has some students upset. In an effort to cut down on tardies at the beginning of the school day, 2nd period is now fair game.

In the past, the administration has not scheduled tardy sweeps for 2nd period, because a number of students don’t have class at that time. This has made it difficult to do the sweeps, because it was hard to know who should or shouldn’t be in class at that time. But this year, sweeps can happen any period, so be prepared to prove that you don’t have class if you get stopped during 2nd.

“They [tardy sweeps] have been effective and have helped motivate students to get to class on time,” Associate Principal Mark Larson said.

The first short week of school there were “practice” sweeps without consequences, but now that we’re on a regular schedule, the sweeps have “gone live.” Consequences for getting caught in the halls after the bell rings include after-school detentions.

Here is a link to a video that demonstrates the procedures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FldwDZy4VBs

Tardy Sweep Procedures

         Tardy Sweeps will be announced via email to teaches the night before.

         The tardy sweep will not be announced to students.

         During a tardy sweep, teachers will close and lock their doors when the bell rings.

         If you are late to class during a tardy sweep you will not be allowed to enter without a pass from a teacher or a detention slip.

         If you are late to class during a tardy sweep, you will be asked to find the closest administrator or campus supervisor.

         The administrator or campus supervisor will assign a detention for the next available day after school.

         Detention will be served in Room S131 at 3:15pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (no Tuesdays)

         Detention will be 30 minutes.

         If the student misses the detention, the detention will go to 60-minutes.

         If the student misses the 60-minute detention, they will be suspended.

Procedures for Teachers during ALL Passing Periods

        It is an expectation that ALL staff is out and visible in the hallway during passing periods. Greet kids at your door. Encourage students to get to class on time.

Procedures for Teachers who have PLAN during a Tardy Sweep

        If you have a PLAN period during a Tardy Sweep, it is appreciated if you help get students to a Tardy Sweep “station.

        These “stations” will be an administrator or Campus Supervisor writing Tardy Detentions at the following locations:

  • 118
  • 117
  • Math hallway
  • Band Hallway
  • 300
  • 200F

Procedures for Teachers teaching class during a Tardy Sweep

        When the bell rings, close and lock your door and begin teaching

        If a student comes to the door, please make sure they either have a pass or have a tardy detention slip

        If they have neither, please send them to the closest Tardy Detention “station”

        If a student is late after the first 10 minutes without a pass, please send them to 200F


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