NebKon Exceeds Expectations

NebKon Exceeds Expectations

Participants at NebKon pose for a group photo.

Participants at NebKon pose for a group photo.

By Tessa Faust

Anime NebrasKon is an anime convention that happens once a year. This year’s convention was on Halloween weekend in Omaha at the Ramada Hotel. 5,185 people attended this year’s NebrasKon exceeding last year’s attendance by almost 1,000.

“I think there are a lot of reasons to go but its mostly like just connecting with people who are fans of the same things that you’re a fan of.” Freshman Rebecca Nielsen said.

Anime NebrasKon has an Activities Committee, which is a team of seven or eight volunteers that organize over 200 separate panels, contests and events hosted at NebrasKon.

Most of these panels are by the people attending and range from discussions on shows, to how to build a better costume, or fun and exciting activities like Cosplay Chess, which is a life-size chess board where costumed attendees take the places of the pieces and dramatically act out the turns.

“I was actually in two panels and then I went to How to Be a Magical Girl and Goat Simulator.” Sophomore Hannah Otto said.

One of the highlights is the Cosplay Contest, a three-hour event highlighting the best costumes at the NebrasKon. Of course there are also Photo-shoots for people who dress up as their favorite characters but don’t want to compete.

“If there is anyone who is interested in anime, video games, Homestuck, something go! It is so much fun. You’ll meet a lot of people, you could meet famous people, and you can make friends that are all around the U.S. and its pretty interesting.” Otto said.


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