LHS welcomes (back) some new faces

LHS welcomes (back) some new faces

By TuTu Wah

In this issue, we bring you not only some new teachers, but a couple who were even Lincoln High students themselves back in the day. They liked LHS so much, they couldn’t wait to come back.

Business teacher Colin Hute and World Languages teacher Janet Eckerson both graduated from LHS in 2003. Some of the teachers and administrators they had are also still here.

Another new teacher is Art teacher Michelle Clifford. She also liked Lincoln High and all the students here. She was in a program that serves three high schools, but Lincoln High is her favorite.

Let’s find out some more about these new (and former) Links.

Colin_HuteColin Hute – Business – Class of 2003

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Lincoln High?

A. Favorite thing, well I graduated from Lincoln High. Growing up I’ve always enjoyed the diversity, different walks of life, different cultures to learn, and the different people to meet. It’s the best and most interesting thing about Lincoln High. From the student aspect of it, I like the student body, it was diverse and cultural, and all the staff, but now that Iam a teacher, I like how the staff is very helpful, everyone is very helpful and willing to help you. Yah I think the people again are just what I enjoy about Lincoln High.

Q. Why did you choose to come to Lincoln High?

A. I chose to come to Lincoln High because I needed a job and they had an opening, but other than that this would be one of my first choices. I student taught at North Star so that was similar in a lot of ways. It was just good to build off what I knew at North Star. I graduated and I was the a 2003 graduate from Lincoln High so it’s just nice to be back home.

Q. How long were you a Lincoln High student?

A. I was here in Lincoln for three years, sophomore through senior years of high school.

Q. Why do you choose to teach the subject you teach?

A. I’m endorsed in business marketing info. Tech. So I’m certified and teach a lot of classes, but Lincoln High needed Econ and Marketing to be taught and I’ve got a marketing background so that works well.

Q. How has Lincoln High been to you so far?

A. Lincoln High has been a great. All the people have been great. Dr. Wortman from him all the way down to other first year teachers, everyone has been very helpful. Mrs. Able, Mr. Larson, Tanner Penrod, and the Admins have been great too, so I like it.

Q. What is your favorite thing about teaching students?

My favorite about teaching is seeing kids grow from beginning of the semester. Now we’re half way through. Seeing how much more they enjoy the subject matter more so that’s probably my favorite part of it.

Q. Who do you know or is there a anyone you know from when you were in high school?

A. I know Mr. Madsen. I knew him since we were little kids and we went to high school here as well so yeah, there’s a lot of teacher. Mr. Heineman was here when I was here, Mrs. Carlson, who is now my department chair. Obviously Dr. Wortman. Yeah there’s a few still scattered throughout the school.

Janet-EckersonJanet Eckerson – World Languages – Class of 2003

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Lincoln?

A. Well I think the diversity is one of my favorite things about Lincoln High and all the tradition. The school being the oldest in Lincoln, I like that about it too- the history as well.

Q. How has Lincoln High been to you so far?

A. I spent the last eight years teaching in a much smaller school and so it’s different to go back to being in a really big school and to not know all the students. So that’s different, but I have good classes and students, so it’s been good so far.

Q. What subject do you teach and, why did you choose to teach it?

A. I teach Spanish to Spanish speakers, Spanish 3-4 and AP Spanish. Well my husband is from Argentina, so when I learned to speak Spanish in a way that helped me learn, so I had some ideas after I learned about what would help other people learn. I really like to teach Spanish speakers because I feel really strongly that kids who speak Spanish at home need to have the opportunity to have different classes than students who are learning Spanish as a second language.

Q. Why did you choose to come to Lincoln High and do you know anyone in Lincoln High?

A. Since I graduated from high school here, I also have a lot of connections to other people who are on staff. Mrs. Mendez who’s also new this year, was my student when I taught at Crete High. Now she is my co-worker. There’s a lot of teachers this year who were my teachers too at one point. Mr. Droud was my teacher when I was in middle school and Ms. McGinn was my teacher when I was in Lincoln High. Mr. Putnam was my teacher when I was in high school. Mr. Caruso too was there. There’s a lot of teachers that were here when I was a student too. Mr. Wortman was the principal. I was the class of 2003.

Michelle_CliffordMichelle Clifford – Art

Q What do you like about Lincoln High?

A. I would say I just like the people who are here and the fact that we have the most diverse student body. Also the staff who work here, you can tell that they really like their job and what they do.

Q. How has Lincoln High been to you so far?

A. Pretty good. This is my first year so it’s a little bit crazy and stressful, but it’s really fun. So even if I stay really late working, it’s worth it because I like my class.

Q. What subject do you teach?

A. I teach art class, drawing, painting, and one beginning pottery class.

Q. What did you do before you came to Lincoln High and why did you choose to come to Lincoln High?

Clifford – Before this, I worked for a college preparation program called Upward Bound and Lincoln High is one of the three schools that we serve so I already knew from serving Lincoln High, that I’ve loved it which is why I wanted to get this job. Lincoln High is my favorite out of all of the schools. I had experience working with North Star, Northeast, and Lincoln High. Lincoln High has been my favorite so far.

Q. Have you had any problems with your job?

A. I had new teachers problems. I got an email the quarter ended on Friday, But it really ended on the week before so I did all my quarter quizzes for my classes a little late and one of my students called me out on it.

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