Nebraska-Wesleyan Student Left Behind at Rest Stop

Nebraska-Wesleyan Student Left Behind at Rest Stop

By Jaiden Vyhlidal

On October 12th, 22- year old Wesleyan senior football star, Maury Lorence, was struck and killed by a semi-truck in the eastbound lanes on I-80 at mile marker 395 around midnight. He was run over by two more vehicles before police were called reporting a person was headed eastbound on the shoulder. Police reported he was dead after the semi struck him. According to KMTV, Lorence was left behind after the party bus came to a rest stop on NW 48th street and West 0. The party bus is considered limo status when on the streets so the police aren’t allowed to pull the bus over even though it involves students drinking and other stuff. When Lorence saw he was left behind, he decided to walk back to the NWU campus, nearly 9 miles away. Joe Bisgard was the person who loaned the party bus out and shared part of his rental agreement with the student. In an interview with reporters, Bisgard claims “I encourage the buddy system because students do get left behind with multiple stops, but most of the time the bus driver notices they’re missing and goes back for them.”

No reports have been released as to whether Maury’s autopsy showed signs of alcohol being present. No reports of the school getting a punishment have been made public, if any punishment has been made at all towards Nebraska- Wesleyan. You would believe that at least one of the adults would’ve kept a list of students on the bus and would’ve kept track of everyone getting on and off. “It’s not the schools fault they didn’t keep track of everyone, the students need to keep track of themselves and hold themselves accountable.” Zach Ditson said. According to The Omaha World-Herald the party bus was rented out by a student and a mandate required that at least one student had to stay sober for the safety of everyone. Sadly it didn’t turn out that way. A reporter for the World-Herald, Michael Shoro, interviewed the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission chairman, Bob Batt, in which Batt said “At the end of the day, a mandate may help prevent other accidents, but the riders need to be held accountable for their own safety.”

This tragedy might draw some attention to party buses and face a fact that they should be more regulated than what they are. Students getting left behind is a scary ordeal and downright irresponsible by the adults looking after them. If you’re a student drinking and having a good time on a party bus you’re not paying attention to who’s been around you and who you haven’t seen in a while. “This doesn’t really impact my decision to attend at Wesleyan but it does affect who I’d talk to and hang out with. I don’t want friends that would leave me behind.” Everyone has a different perspective and this could also result in future Nebraska-Wesleyan students not wanting to attend the college anymore because of how they view this tragic situation and how Maury was left behind. “If I was a parent and this was my kid I would be royally angry and seek out vengeance. It’s a sad situation and hopefully it doesn’t happen again, but it probably will happen again somewhere.” Ditson said.

Thankfully I’ve never heard of an issue like this happening here at Lincoln High, but college offers a lot more freedom than high school does and you’ll be held accountable for your choices more than ever. “You can’t mandate common sense, you have to just make it a part of your everyday life, just to be safe,” Bisgard said.

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