Students Graduate at Uncommon Times

Students Graduate at Uncommon Times

By Morgan Fleener

From the moment kids walk through the doors of high school their dream is to graduate, but for some kids that dream is achieved earlier or later than others depending on graduation status. As we get closer to winter break, some kids are getting ready to graduate, and preparing for college while others are just waiting for the holidays.

Early Graduate Allyson Crawford-Thiel said “It’s a lot of work because you have to get all your classes done but it feels good because you’re almost done.” Allyson graduates on the 19th of December and is going to start UNL in January.

Jaiden St. George is a late graduate who had to come back, “You get more education without having to pay for it and you get to sleep in, I’m taking five classes and its going pretty well. I had to stay back because I dropped out of a class to take a different class but they didn’t give me full credit for the class because I joined it late.” Said St. George.

“If I could go back and do things differently, I’d actually do my homework. People don’t think it’s important, but in all reality it is. You can’t just take tests and hope you’ll do well your homework has an effect too,” said St. George

Counselor Ann Brestel said, “All kids really have to do is pass their classes. Kids usually take summer school and then just come back and graduate in December.” All you need is a parent’s permission and then you don’t get a second semester schedule. You just need to come back in May so you can walk with your class and get your diploma or come back to the counseling office the day after graduation, which is May, 25th, 2015 to pick up your diploma.

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