8th Graders Explore Lincoln High

8th Graders Explore Lincoln High

By Tessa Chapin

On January 14th, LHS had the 8th Grade Open House. Many 8th graders came to Lincoln High to learn a little bit about the school and start talking to clubs they might be interested in. The purpose of this event was to introduce kids to high school so they wouldn’t be so scared the first day. In regards to starting high school, 8th grader Hattie McGrath said, “I’m going to get lost.”

Eighth grader Kristina Tran said, “I think it’s frightening too, because you don’t know when you’re going to be in the same class as your friends.” McGrath said she wanted to join clubs to keep her busy outside of class. Tran said she might do cheerleading, she just wants to do something in high school and have fun. Freshman Taylor Nilsen said, “It’s fun to cheer on your peers and the games are fun to cheer at.” Freshman Ezzence Brown said, “The games are really interesting.” Nilsen and Brown said their favorite cheer memory was camp because they made a lot of new friends.

Freshman Jessica Wheat and Karina Hinkley were really excited to show the 8th graders around and talk to them about book club. Wheat said, “It’s fun to be helpful, and you can tell them about book club while you’re at it.” Hinkley said, “It’s the next generation of LHS you gotta make a good impression.” Wheat and Hinkley said people should join Book Club because it was the best club at the open house. Wheat said, “Books can make you smarter, they don’t always. Fiction books do not necessarily make you smarter, but history books do.” Hinkley said, “Literacy is one of the leading reasons for success!”

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