There’s no “I” in team, but there are plenty of seniors

There’s no “I” in team, but there are plenty of seniors

By Alison Goldenstein

The Lincoln High school Boys Varsity Basketball team accomplished outstanding feats for their 2014-2015 season. The team was made up entirely of senior athletes including Tim Brock, Frank Cuddy, Jamie Davis, Garrett Griffin, Jaiden Jilg-Brown, Fidadya Kuwa, Jose Perez, Jason Towery, and Keshawn Wilson along with team managers Isaac Graff, Andrew Hahn, Champagne Anderson and Kori Colen. Varsity Basketball head coach Dan Noble and assistant coach Nicholas Madsen coached the team this season towards accomplishments such as winning the HAC Tournament over winter break as well as continued to have a great win to loss ratio.

The team had an outstanding season getting so many “W’s” against rivalry teams such as Lincoln Southeast and long-standing rival Lincoln Northeast. The highlight of Frank Cuddy’s’ season as well as many other players, was winning the HAC Holiday tournament over winter break. “It was super fun dog piling and stuff and celebrating on the LSE court” Cuddy said. “..kind of shows us that we can win three games back to back to back which is exactly what you want to do if you want to get far” assistant coach Nick Madsen said. However, along with many wins there were also losses.

Leading up to districts, the team had four losses, once to Omaha Central because “we just didn’t play very well” Frank Cuddy said, a devastating loss to Omaha Westside by 3 points after leading the entire game, and twice to what many players mutually agreed upon was their toughest opponent, Norfolk high school. Players had higher hopes for their second game against Norfolk high. “We just gotta be ready” Fidadya Kuwa said. “We have to pay every team the respect where it’s due. Norfolk works really hard, and we just don’t sometimes” Jilg-Brown said.

Some of the athletes suffered injuries this season such as Jamie Davis and Jason Towery, both experiencing a sprained ankle. “Hopefully it will be healed completely by the time track comes, it may give me a little bit of pain” said Towery. “I don’t miss games, I get buckets” said Davis who was eager not to let his injury slow him down. Towery and Davis were immediately back in the game after a few days of rehab and still played consistently well. When looking forward at the rest of the season “We’ve got our team goals such as trying to maybe advance to a state tournament” head coach Dan Noble said.

The overall goal was to go to state and do well. The team was in the top seven and able to host their first district game against Lincoln Southeast on the home court. After winning twice against the Knights, the Links did not win their district game against them, a heartbreaking loss of 50-57, therefore concluding the boys basketball season. After basketball season many of the players will be participating in Spring sports such as track or soccer. Tim Brock, Jamie Davis, Fidadya Kuwa, and Jason Towery look forward to running in multiple events during the 2015 track season. Jose Perez will be starting on the varsity soccer team for his fourth and final year of his high school career. “Soccer is my life, I’m ready for the season” said Perez.

Looking past high school, after these seniors graduate in May, some have plans to continue with sports in their college career. Garrett Griffin signed with Morningside College to play basketball, Frank Cuddy verbally committed to the University of Nebraska at Kearney and will be signing in April and Tim Brock is excited to run track for Midland University. After such a successful basketball season, these athletes will persevere with the rest of their high school education and into their spring sports and college career with undoubtedly great success.

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