Tomodachi Life by Nintendo entertains

Tomodachi Life by Nintendo entertains

By Lexxi Swason

Tomodachi Life by Nintendo is a game for the Nintendo 3DS in which you can control your own small island. It’s similar to games like Sims by EA Maxis and Animal Crossing by Nintendo. Where it generally categorized as life simulation game. The true point of Tomodachi Life is to just have fun with your own little island. You create your own Mii islanders that can be anyone from real life and the imagination. For those who don’t play Nintendo consoles commonly, Mii might not be something known. Miis are slightly cartoony versions of people that can be personalized in many ways.

Things such as eyes, nose, facial expression, hair, and height can be changed to fit the person you’re trying to create. A fun fact is that Tomodachi Life is one of few games where you can decide what Miis wear. I love Tomodachi Life for it’s wackiness and the fact that there are so different things daily that you can do. There are so many things you can do to interact with the islanders. Like you can help them sneeze or dye their hair a crazy color like neon green. Another plus is that you can create the equivalent of any person from real life or even from books, movies, media, and television. If there is one way to make your teachers/students/ parents do crazy things it would be in this game.

Plus, it isn’t one of those games that has pure blood and violence. Tomodachi Life is one of those games that you can leave alone for a few weeks. Then come back to it without worrying about forgetting the plot or any of the controls. Tomodachi Life is a great one to restart without having to freak out about losing some special item that took six months to get (that is if you’re a person like me that gets bored extremely easily after beating a game). My overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 would have to be 3. The reason for the 2 deduction would have to be because over time Tomodachi Life can get boring.

Especially if you’re an easily bored and distracted person (like me). Of course, there is the simple solution of deleting your island and starting anew. Other than that there are a few minor defects (like it not allowing the Miis say stupid in english) that I personally don’t like. I recomend this game to those who aren’t exactly into violent or tough strategy games. People that like simple games where you can just goof off and have a fun time will generally enjoy Tomodachi Life. There are then a multitude of problems that you as to solve for them.

The problems can vary from giving them food when they are hungry to something as helping them propose to their “sweetheart”. They will also ask for things like new clothes and a new interior for their apartment. The Mii islanders can do many types of social interactions like having friends, getting in fights, dating, even getting married and having children after marriage. Of course, there are the horrible things such as break-ups and divorce. Tomodachi Life is for The Nintendo 3DS exclusively. I don’t suggest getting a 3DS just to own this one game. It generally costs $34.99 from places like Walmart and Bestbuy, but does cost $39.99 from Gamestop.

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