Links battle it out in Smash Brothers Tournament

Links battle it out in Smash Brothers Tournament

By TuTu Wah

If you missed the first ever LHS Smash Brothers video game tournament, don’t worry. There will be another in the end of May. Twenty five members of Video Game Insiders Club and their sponsor, Music Instructor, Chris Watson hosted a Smash Brother Tournament in the LHS Cafeteria on mid-March to celebrate the culture of videogames. The winner of the tournament was LHS senior Jama Ahmose. He faced many opponents with random characters in the tournament and came out victorious.

The tournament was organized differently with different brackets. “Basically, you had the winner’s bracket playing smash Wii U first. The losers would basically play the 3US version of the smash brother so that we could get a move on with things from restricting ourselves from just playing one Smash Brother,” Ahmose said. “Before I made it to the final and everything, I was basily play random character each match,” said Ahmose. “One of them was pacman who was not that good or i’m not good with pacman and then for the final I decided to choose my main character who was Pit because he was a very well controllable character. Basically, he just have really good move set and can do a lot of good finishers/combos,” Ahmose said.

During the tournament Jama face many tough opponents. “I only remember the first person I faced and the last person. One of them being Chris Belt. I won’t mention that I defeated Arin. Obviously, it wasn’t easy or anything because he was very experienced with Smash,” Jamal said. They only had one tournament this year and they all had a lot of fun. “It was so much fun. We had an HDTV and 5 other televisions where we brought in a bunch of different system,” Watson said. “The first one was just for Videogame Insiders members, but the next one is going to be open to anybody,” Watson said. “The Next tournament is going to be on May 29, after the school year ends. In the Cafeteria on a Friday. It starts from 1:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m. There will be poster, there will be announcements for it, We’ll have sign up for it in the media center,” Watson said. “It will still be a Smash Brothers Tournament,” Watson said. “Its going to be $5 to participate in the Tournament. The donations and the entrance fees will go to different charities,” said Watson. They are hosting the tournament for a good cause. In addition, anyone a is welcome to come, regardless of if they are a teacher or a student.


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