Student Parking: Is There a Plan to Expand?

Student Parking: Is There a Plan to Expand?

By Laura Tharnish –
If you’re frustrated with Lincoln High School parking, don’t expect any changes soon. All schools in the Lincoln Public School’s domain have a common issue: student parking, Lincoln High isn’t an exception. However, as Principal Mark Larson pointed out, ‘it could be a lot worse.’ A couple years ago when there used to be senior parking, which was assigned spots for seniors, the parking lots were even more frustrating than they are today. Lack of space for expansion, busy areas for student pick up and drop off, and weather-related problems can make student parking at Lincoln High an issue.

The most frequently used lots are the lots near the apartments. One is by the front of Lincoln High while the other is across the street from the south building. The parking lot to the Northeast that many students aren’t aware can be used is the lot across from Capital Parkway. That lot is owned by the city of Lincoln, but Lincoln High has received permission to let students and faculty park in the lot. There are two parking lots that can’t be used both near the LHS baseball field. One is the gravel lot across Capital Parkway to the East, which belongs to a computing services office near Lincoln High, the other is the parking spots right by the baseball fields, they are reserved for LPS facilities and maintenance.

“When parents are dropping off students or picking them up, safety is a concern. Is there a way to make it safer for everyone?’ Larson’s response was, “Student drop off and pick up is an issue at every building.” He has been at other schools in the morning and thinks we have it better than some of them. “It seems congested at certain times in the morning, but we are actually pretty lucky to have that circle drive,” Larson said. “For example at Lincoln East they have a one way in and a one way back, and I was at a meeting there a couple weeks ago, and it was about drop off time. It was a nightmare, and I understand that students and parents have frustration with what that looks like at our building too, but know that it could be worse.” Larson pointed out that we have many areas for parents to drop off students while other schools have only one option. LHS senior Daniel Holba, commented on student parking saying, “I think it’s fine, but sometimes it can get a little hectic after school.”

During the last semester of school track and field begins which can lead to events happening during the school day, meaning that visitors and their cars will be filling Lincoln High’s parking lot. When this happens students can have trouble finding a place to park. Associate Principal Shereen Ahlers suggests that students should allow time for parking if they know there will be an event happening at the school. Lincoln High’s student body is growing every year, about 1,900 students this year are enrolled at LHS. There is no plan for student parking expansion right now, but hopefully in the next couple of years when the student body’s population stretches over 2,000, Lincoln High will consider expanding their parking. Until then we have to deal with the hand we’ve been dealt.

Laura Tharnish
Laura Tharnish

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