We’re all in Themes Together

We’re all in Themes Together

By Jessica Olson –

Not everyone likes going to football, volleyball, or basketball games, but for those who do, themes tend to mean a lot. Every boys varsity football and basketball games, and girls varsity volleyball games, have a different, unique theme chosen. Their purpose is to unify the students, let them show their creative side, and to let them have some fun. In past years, there have been many great themes, such as White Out, Pink Out for breast cancer awareness, Camo Night, American Pride Night, Neon Night, and even Pajama Night.

We spoke to English teacher and Student Council sponsor Nicole Barnes about how themes are decided and what she thinks about them. She told me it tends to vary from every year, usually chosen by a designated senior who picks what they would like to do and then spreads it around. Barnes said, “In the past, a student leader has just kind of come about. Usually someone who’s heavily involved in sports. This year the two students who put them together are actually in student council. And so that’s my connection with it. The two students are Mackenzie Healey and Taylor Headley… Mackenzie’s heavily involved in sports and Taylor’s a cheerleader…and then they sent the themes to Mr. Larson, and he approved them.”

It can also be really hard for underclassmen to find out what the theme will be for that game. Sophomore Emma Miller enjoyed the themes.

“I kind of ask around. Most of the upperclassmen know what the themes are, so I ask around and they either like post it on the walls or around school, so I try to figure it out,” Miller said.

Instead of searching hopelessly, themes should be posted around school more, be told over the announcements that day, or even post in on the school’s website for when you’re home and forget.

Everyone has a few favorites that they look forward to. So far the one I have heard the best about is Neon Night, based on past years. The themes chosen are all pretty good,

but we need student participation to make the nights truly

great. There are quite a few people who don’t participate in the theme nights. Last year, for example, Pajama Night could have been much better, with more participation.We could even add or take out some in future years, if some good ideas are thrown around.

Sophomore Jaicein Mayfield  brought up a costume-themed night for Halloween, and we know there’s some great costumes that students have, based on Wacky day this year.

Something not many people knew was that varsity volleyball games also have themes. Mayfield, who also is a player for JV and attends many varsity games, told me she wasn’t even aware there are themes for volleyball games. This should be spread around more and made aware for those who also don’t know.

So what’s your opinion? Do you love them or hate them? Paul Muragizi, varsity’s punter, told me that “usually players are mainly focused on what they’re doing on the field”, and that they really don’t focus on what’s going on in the stands, although the support is very welcome.  How can we get you more involved?


Aug. 27th LHS vs. LNE – WHITE OUT


Oct. 2nd vs. LSE – USA NIGHT

Oct, 9th vs. LSW -PINK OUT

Oct. 16th vs. LNS – CAMO NIGHT

Oct. 23rd vs. OMNW – NEON NIGHT


Sept. 18th vs. LPS – TROPICAL SAFARI

Sept. 19th vs. LPS – REDOUT

Sept. 24th vs. NHS/CHS – BLACKOUT

Sept. 29th vs. LNE – FORMAL NIGHT


Oct. 14th vs. LSE – PINKOUT

Oct. 19th vs. LEHS – LINKPRIDE

Oct. 22nd vs. LSW – NEON NIGHT

Oct. 27th vs. HAC – RED OUT

Oct. 29th vs. HAC – REDOUT

Jessica Olson
Jessica Olson

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