Outstanding Links honored at The 2015 Honor Convocation

Outstanding Links honored at The 2015 Honor Convocation

By Najm Jabbar – Five candles were lit on Tuesday, November 10, in the Ted Sorensen Theatre at Lincoln High School. These five candles represent five very important elements in the school: Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character, and the thing that connect them all together, Unity. The ceremony started with a short speech from principal Mark Larson, followed by a speech from Nebraska State Senator and a former Lincoln High graduate Adam Morfeld. Morfeld gave an inspirational speech for the Links and addressed many of his experiences as a senator and the steps that led him to the position.

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Nebraska State Senator Adam Morfeld givies his speech at the Ted Sorensen Theatre during the Honors Convocation at Lincoln High.

“He let the students who were being honored know where their path can take them and motivate them in the sense that what they accomplish is worth it.” ~Student Council President and Senior Kaylee Robinson.

The speech was followed by presenting the National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists, another area where Lincoln High shows its excellence. This year, Lincoln High has a total of 8 National Merit semifinalists who were announced on the stage by Associate Principal Tanner Penrod. That’s right, the number of Semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship exceeded the number of the semifinalists in all the other high schools in Lincoln combined!!!

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National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists presented on the stage by Associate Principal Tanner Penrod. Left to Right James Rehwaldt-Alexander, Marie Schubert, Hannah Hoffman Charlie Gallentine, Camille Herrah, Lauren Lesiak, Caleb Martin, Elizabeth Yost, Isaac Haeffner, Isabella Spaulding, Aedan Helweg.

Afterwards, Principal Mark Larson presented the 2015-2016 National Honor Society Students. The five school officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Historian, started by each giving a speech and lighting a candle. The lights turned off in the theatre and the five candle were lit. Students then were handed their certificates in the hallways and then, they were invited to the reception in the Media Center. Students celebrated and took pictures with friends, family and school administrators.

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National Honor Society members pose for a picture in the Media Center. Left to right, Karynn Brown, Jacob Skoda (back), Jesse Harvey(front), Logan Altman(Back), Marie Schubert(Front), Daniel witte(Middle), Megan Cuca(back), Monica Starr(Front), Hannah Hoffman(middle), Isabella Spaulding(front), Elizabeth Yost.

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