Cultural Holidays – How do Links celebrate?

Cultural Holidays – How do Links celebrate?

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By Jessica Montoya-
Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, and Sheng Dan Kuai Le are some of the languages we hear in the hallways of Lincoln High during the holidays. Lincoln High is very diverse, and one thing that makes it diverse is of course the different types of culture that are represented at LHS. The holidays are coming up pretty soon, and don’t you wonder how and when other people celebrate the holidays?
Principal Mark Larson knows about Lincoln High’s diversity.

“We don’t do all school celebration for cultural holidays, but we definitely encourage different cultural clubs to celebrate those things. We think that’s a great representation of our diversity here,” he said. Now that the holidays are coming up, how is Lincoln High looking?

“I can recall some holidays that students have dressed traditionally. We had Karen New Year celebration and that was a really cool thing that students got involved. I love working here and love being the principal here. Is just the diversity that is represented here. I think is what makes Lincoln high great.”

I interviewed a couple of students here at LHS. I asked them how they celebrate the holidays. Senior Viviana Villegas said, “For Christmas we celebrate by putting the tree, el niño Dios (baby Jesus) , and el nacimiento (Birth of baby Jesus).”
Junior Sonia Rodriguez said, “I relax and try to spend as much time as I can with my family.”

Senior Pascale Ndamo said, “I don’t have my whole family in the states. It’s just my mom, and my two sisters. We don’t do anything special, we cook and enjoy the moments. We also skype our family back in Africa.”
Freshmen Sandra Montoya Martinez said, “Being with my family and hanging out with my cousins.”

What do you like from other cultures?
Villegas, “The different ways they celebrate their holidays.”
Rodriguez, “ I like how different they are. It’s interesting to look at the differences between my culture and other cultures.”

Ndamo, “All cultures are different and beautiful. I like how we are all different, but at the same time we still embrace. I also enjoy other’s music and food.”
Martinez, “I like that other cultures have different beliefs and that it’s really learning what they do.”

I asked all if they would change the way you celebrate the holidays. It really surprised me that they all said no. They all enjoy how their culture celebrates the holidays.

I spoke with World Languages teacher Janet Eckerson about Thanksgiving.
“For Thanksgiving I will be going up to Minnesota where my mom lives. We will have a big meal. For Christmas I usually go down to my grandma’s in Beatrice. We have a big extended family thing with all my cousins and all their kids, but usually big family meals is how we do it.”

Eckerson agrees on the diversity of LHS.
“In Lincoln High there are tons of people with different religions, different traditions that celebrate different things in different ways. My best friend is Muslim, so their big celebration is not the same time as Christmas, but it involves gift exchanges, a meal together, and same kind of stuff for kids. But it’s in a different time.”

“Everybody has their own thing, but I think we all have in common the spend it with your family and of course food, that’s how we all do it.”

Nancy Grant-Colson is a 9th honor Social Studies teacher. Grant-Colson celebrates the holidays “by surrounding myself with family and friends. My kids are coming in from out of town, my grand babies. So I will make my famous pecan pie, and the turkey, the veggies, and the overload on mash potatoes. We’re probably play games, sleep, and watch TV.”

Everyone has their own way to celebrate the holidays.
What will you do?


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