Girls Cross County sends two to State

Girls Cross County sends two to State
Nancy Flores (12) heads for the finish line at a cross country meet at Pioneers Park on Oct. 8, 2015. Photo by Che Rodriguez.

By Jessica Olson –

The cross-country season went very well through all of the coaches’ eyes. Coach Rettig told me “I think it went very well in a lot of respects, we had our highest numbers [of runners]. We started off the year with about 55 and ended with about 45, but it’s the highest we’ve had since before my time and before coach Dawson’s time as well, so we were really happy with the numbers. Obviously individual successes we had a lot of ‘em, I couldn’t give you specific name, but pretty much all but perhaps five kids definitely ended up a minute or two faster than where they were at the beginning of the year, so we had a lot of huge individual successes. Overall the teams continue to get faster on both the boys and girls sides, girl’s side obviously had more success than we have in years past, which is really exciting as well.” During the season, there were highs and lows, with all members working towards improvement. For Girls Cross Country, two members went to state, freshman Johanna Schubert, and

senior Nancy Flores, but no males went to state, which leaves room for improvement next year.

Johanna Shubert (9) pictured at a cross country meet. Photo by Che Rodriguez

Johanna Shubert (9) pictured at a cross country meet. Photo by Che Rodriguez

Even with all the hard work, some members of the team didn’t get as far as they wanted, but for Flores, she got farther than she thought she would.

“I never thought I was going to make it this far. I am still surprised that I made it to state, it was an awesome experience. Even though sometimes I wish I could have a second chance to give it all my best, but I am still thankful for having the opportunity to be part of an intense race,” Flores said.

Improvements can always be made, however, and the team will work harder and harder each meet next year. Rettig stated that the team will get better by “continuing to build enthusiasm, making sure that kids are staying active, that they’re either coming out for track or doing one of the other sports, and then summer conditioning is really important as well. If we want to do well we need to run during the summer.” Encouragement is a very important factor needed from the coaches but it’s up to the runners to make sure they stay in peak physical condition.

Even though state only had two members from Lincoln High attend, things still went okay. The girl’s varsity team was only two places away from the entire girls varsity team making it to state. Although not everything went as well as the two qualifiers had hoped, it wasn’t bad at all. Rettig told me that it was still one of the girls’ better races of the year. The reason so few attended state this year is because districts were fairly difficult this year, but that’s all right because now the coaches are aware for next year and hopefully more runners will qualify.

Coach Rettig’s favorite part of the season, of course, was getting to work with all the runners, and see them grow and get better, and watch them be able to compete at the meets. As so many people continued to grow, they were always seeing successes. Another Lincoln High, job well done!

The start of a boys race with LHS pictured in red and white. Photo by Che Rodriguez. 10.8.15

The start of a boys race with LHS pictured in red and white. Photo by Che Rodriguez. 10.8.15

Jessica Olson
Jessica Olson

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