LHS Food Market Tradition Goes Viral in other Lincoln Schools

LHS Food Market Tradition Goes Viral in other Lincoln Schools

By Najm Jabbar – Who says that education is the only thing you can get from Lincoln High? Every other Wednesday, a lot of Lincoln High students leave with more than the values and the contents they learn in each class. Many leave with bags full of food they get from the Lincoln High Food Market. The program that opened five years ago and sponsored by the Lincoln Food Bank, was the first one of its kind in LPS and since it opened, it encouraged even more high schools to do the same. Almost two years after the Food Market opened in Lincoln High and saw a big success, Lincoln North Star, Southeast, Southwest, and even Bryan Center started similar programs.

The Food Market is held the second and the fourth Wednesday of each month and all students are welcome to pick up nutritious food items.

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Former LHS counselor Virginia Saporta helps get things ready for the Food Market.

The average number of students who show up at the cafeteria each day the program is held reaches 250 students. The daily announcement is used to remind students about the Food Market and encourage them to participate in the program.

Many Links and volunteers from Lincoln Food Bank participate in the growing program. They all work together with students in the special education program who help in unloading the food and setting the tables for students in the cafeteria. The main items that are distributed usually are fresh fruits, variety of kinds of canned vegetables, different types of bread, donuts, cake, cereal, juice bottles, and many other drinks sometimes.

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Since it opened, the Lincoln High Food Market became part of Lincoln High traditions. A great opportunity that is opened to all Lincoln High student families, and staff.

“I’m proud to say that we started it here at Lincoln High. I founded this program five years ago and it was a huge success,” Lincoln High’s social worker, Sue Dutton said. “The beauty of this program is that there are no criteria other than being associated with Lincoln High, and to be part of our our family,” Dutton added.

“Bring Nothin…It’s Free.”

Najm Jabbar

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