LHS Website in need of an update

LHS Website in need of an update
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By Jayla Toliver –

Lincoln High School is known for its diversity and its outstanding achievements in sports and academics.

But the school’s website, however does not display any of that information. Some of the sites links don’t work, and it looks as if some things have not been updated since before 2008. So how do you get information about the school? How do incoming freshman decide if they want to attend Lincoln High? How do parents stay updated on the events going on at their children’s school? Why isn’t the site receiving regular updates?

As a freshman and a having just moved to Lincoln, I was at a loss when it came to choosing the school I wanted to attend. There seemed to be so many schools to choose from, each providing a different experience, and they all seemed to have something special about them. Lincoln High is extremely diverse and has the IB program, Lincoln Southwest has block scheduling, and Lincoln East is known for excelling in sports. But by just glancing the schools websites, you wouldn’t know it.

“When I decided to come to Lincoln High, I was pretty much blind as to what I was getting into. I only decided to come [here] because some of my older friends recommended it,” freshman Alondra Lopez said.

Because I was having such a hard time choosing schools, my parents had to buy a plane ticket from Dallas, TX to Omaha, NE just so I could take a closer look at the schools available. Once you add up ticket costs, days missed from school back in Texas, and taxi coordination, it would have been way easier to get all the information I needed about the schools by going online.

After speaking with Brian Fitzgerald, LPS Web Communications Manager, I was informed that the content placed on the website is the job of the individual schools. Unfortunately, there is no paid position to maintain and update schools’ websites, so the job tends to fall to whoever has time. This makes it difficult to keep things current.

There’s no word on whether the content in the website will improve, but there is a new website layout, for all the high schools, in the works and it should be easier to navigate.

Jayla Toliver
Jayla Toliver

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