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Earthen Republic
Earthen RepublicJoshua Wiebelhaus

By Joshua Wiebelhaus – I was watching Star Wars and was wondering what makes the single planets of the senate work together? Here on earth we can’t go a year it seems without one county starting a war with another. There are many examples of world wide governments in literature and comic books as well as movies. Comic books and TV shows show us world governments from WALL-E to Star Trek and even the galactic republic and empire of Star Wars but what would such a government look like in reality? In order for such a hypothetical government to work it could not not be the narrow scope of federalism, or a monarchy, or socialism it would have to be a little bit of everything.

Many of the issues, war and trade disagreements as well as terrorism, our world suffers today could be solved by the creation of a world wide government. War would be prevented by the executive world government interceding between nations to solve the issues they are facing. Terrorism would be exterminated by the combined resources of the entire world because the problem of terrorism would not be considered an outside affair by counties but an internal affair that must be resolved. Citizens would be encouraged to carry firearms to so that when domestic terrorism happens personnel with firearms would be able to respond and eliminate the threat. In the event that such a government ever became too corrupt it would be the responsibility of the people to rise up and rebel against their leaders, so that the tree of liberty might be watered with the blood of patriots.

The size of such a government would make things difficult but if the powers of the government were divided between the branches of government and the world and national governments. Country’s own government would govern themselves through their chosen form of government but with two representatives on a world senate and a house of representatives and a world congress with an elected ruler to to serve as president voted by electoral votes from the countries of the world. Such a government funding would be difficult to fund creating the need for a self funding government, the government would be given lands by each of the nations, on which it would be expected to mostly support itself with food and manufactured goods for the world guard (national guard for the world) and for relief programs for countries suffering from natural disasters.

The world congress would be able to aid countries in poverty through loans and control commerce to control internal security, coin money, regulate commerce, establish rules of immigration and naturalization, and establish the federal courts and their jurisdictions. The security of the government would be given to the people. Citizens would be required before being able to go to college to spend three months in military training so that in case of crisis a army could be quickly raised.

The senate would amend laws and create new ones but in order to prevent deviation between countries a clear moral code (discusses and and agreed upon by the nations with basic rules that could not be interpreted differently) must be written into the laws and no law or amendment would be able to counter it. The House of Representatives would represent the government of their country and bring the major issues of their country to be addressed and resolved.

The World President would be elected by a processes of each country having an election and then propose their choice for candidate. Then the candidates are proposed and the candidates would be chosen by the electoral votes of the countries of the Earthen Republic. (Every country would be given two electoral votes.)

The government would deviate from the American government in that the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs would be chosen from a certain founder’s descendant by the world’s elected leader. This is to prevent complete democracy, by limiting the pool of candidates, to ensure that their are those in government who are not their because of mere mass popularity to ensure that a corrupt majority could not fill the world governments positions of leadership. If a secretary committed a major crime than he could be impeached by majority vote from the world Judicial Branch.

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The system of the separation of powers would also make it so that one branch of the world government could not gain control over the others. And the national government would fight against the world government.

The biggest problem with this government would be its formation from countries, such as America, who would not wish to answer to a higher power (the majority of the world). For this reason the world government, which I shall hence refer to as the Earthen Republic, would have a no tolerance policy to outside interference. Any threat, attack or attempted interference with the governance of the Earthen Republic would be retaliated with war and the conquering of that nation. Once the nation was conquered it would be given back its authority to govern but only under the executive rule of the Earthen Republic. Once the Earthen Republic had proved successful in its methods many nations might simply choose to join it for the benefits they would receive. After a few generations under the rule of the Earthen Republic the conquered nations would settle in and see themselves as part of something greater than their previously small and in comparison insignificant, country.

To prevent the Earthen Republic from forcing their views and morals on the nations the Nations would be given reserved powers to preserve their culture, religion and ethnicity with the Earthen Republic if people did not like the laws under which they lived under that particular nation they would be free to move to a nation in which that was legal.

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