Parking problems persist: What can we do?

Parking problems persist: What can we do?
Parking ProblemsJoshua Wiebelhaus

By Joshua Wiebelhaus – Parking at Lincoln High is a big problem for students; getting in getting out through the choke hold of traffic, finding a spot all of these are daily challenges for some students and if you don’t deal with them now then don’t worry, you will.

This is a problem for students but what can be done to solve it? When you come down to it the biggest problem is that their isn’t enough parking close enough to the school. As one student put it “there are just so many students in the front lot you could put them all together and recreate the movie 300.” In my interview with Associate Principal Tanner Penrod he said the school has considered, in the past, buying the apartments next to the school for parking but that it is currently not in the districts short term plan. Students who can’t find any parking should be aware the school does have more parking, across the street is the Louis Field Parking lot which is part of Lincoln High parking. Students will not be towed for parking there.

It is not as convenient to use as the parking lots next to the school, there is no direct route back to the school from the parking lot making students have to take a roundabout route to get to school. Penrod encourages students to be safe while crossing the street, no jaywalking, and use the crosswalks; as famously said “be careful, or be roadkill” Calvin and Hobbes If another crosswalk was put in place to directly connect Lincoln High with the Louis Field parking, parking there would be much more convenient. The Department of Transportation is responsible for putting in crosswalks.

Penrod who is in charge of most of the parking said that he never really hears from students with parking problems. The only people who ever bring to him any concerns are guests, families and visitors. Penrod encourages students with pressing parking concerns to come let him know.

The situation causes many other problems including making many people tardy from lunch, because they can’t find a parking spot when they came back and have to park away from the building.  Parking right now is a “first come first served” and there is little to no enforcement of parking. Students would like something to be done to prevent this.

Students who arrive after 7:20 a.m. can expect to have difficulty parking, which in cold and rainy weather is unpleasant to say the least. North Lot has the most parking problems and some students have complained. “I’ve nearly been run over on numerous occasions because of other students” trying to get out of the parking lot. Students are encouraged to be safe while driving. After school students report it being nearly impossible to get out of the parking lot because of the amount of traffic and they are requesting more entrances to the parking lot to make this easier they also request more parking lots. Students who go out to lunch report difficulty finding a spot when they return.

This may be interesting but you’re probably asking yourself, what can I do? You can write letters and emails to the district send your suggestions, Scott Wieskamp is the Director of Facilities and Maintenance. If everyone sends something then at the very least they would look into the problem.

Suggest at:
Send letters to: 5905 O St, Lincoln, NE 68510


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