Bullying: Problem and solution in the palm of your hand

Bullying: Problem and solution in the palm of your hand

By Angel Tran – Everyone remembers what middle school was like: puberty, cliques, teachers, etc. Don’t even mention the humiliation of being in front of all your friends during it. Rumor has it that when you enter high school, your world becomes a much more accepting, diverse place that allows you to be who you truly are. This can sometimes actually be true. But there is much more to it than that.

The amount of social injustice is insurmountable to what it should be. People are constantly terrorized for their sexuality, gender, appearance, or generally anything. We are often fooled by society to believe that unequal judgement is an okay, normal thing that happens to everyone. Are we wrong?

Do you have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or any social media? Looking into it, by searching three words or less, you can find several ‘hate’ accounts about people our age and living in Lincoln. There are several about our school! Some were private, but most were public and read false accusations regarding students attending this very building. Also, in the After School app, people are gossiped about and bullying occurs.

The LPS policy on bullying states:

“Bullying is defined as any ongoing pattern of unwanted

aggressive behavior by an individual or a number of individuals which may include physical, verbal or electronic abuse on school grounds, in a vehicle owned, leased or contracted by the school being used for a school purpose by a school employee or designee or at a school-sponsored activity or a school-sponsored athletic event.”

When someone says something to you to make you feel powerless or intimidated, that is a form of bullying

There is bullying all around us, and the biggest one form comes on social media and cyberspace.

It has been increasingly easy to poke fun of or humiliate people via the internet. “Expose” accounts for example. Has someone ever repeatedly harassed you on social media? Have you seen someone else being harassed? What have you done toScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.03.23 AM stop it? Because there are other people being cyber bullied as you stare into your screen and witness a crime.

By threatening to harm someone via the internet or in person, you can be charged for assault. Just by saying it, you could be fined and/or have other legal punishment.

There are so many types of cyberbullying in this world, and it’s living within our phones and devices. Many people look over the shaming and expose accounts in this generation, but is that really what we should be doing? We are a generation of technology-dependant teenagers who will someday need to maintain this world. We need to act.

There are many people that will help you. Lots of teens feel that the administrators, parents, counselors, and sometimes even law enforcement don’t care or aren’t willing to help, but if you see a problem, you need to do something to help. Your help can save a life. Your help can keep someone from cutting themselves one last time. Your help can make a difference.

Bullying will continue to live for many years, but it is our job to help diminish it. Remember that our children and the generations after us are depending on us to make a difference.

Don’t let one thing lead to another, like suicide. Be the difference. Be different.

Your help is needed.

“More than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. That’s no way to

receive a great education. Let’s end bullying.”

-Michelle Rhee, American Education Reform Advocate

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