Final round to vote for prom royalty

Final round to vote for prom royalty

By Samantha Stuefer

Prom is this Saturday, April 16th, and the first round of candidates are in!

Prince – An Dang, Ryan Ehlers, Harper Lundine Wilmoth, and King Tadesse.
Princess – Breanna Anderson, Zoe Arnold, Macy Behrens, and Shoshanah Schreiber.
King – Wesley Dawkins, Daniel Holba, Nash Jack, and Caleb Martin.
Queen – Clara Higgins, Mackenzie Healey, Taylor Headley, and Rosa Guerra.

The link for the final candidate voting is here!

Tickets are on sale from Tuesday until Thursday for $20 Tuesday and Wednesday, and $25 on Thursday.

Remember, if you have been truant for 35 periods in all or 5 or more truancies in one class, you have a very slim chance of getting to go to prom. If you were accidentally marked truant or your parent forgot to call you in, have a talk with Mr. Green in the counseling center and he will help you get it sorted out. If you are unsure, there is a list of names on the right side of the list of fines (which also need to be paid off to go to prom) to see if you are unable to go to prom.

So get your votes in and get ready for prom!

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