Golf: A Sport for All, Forever

Golf: A Sport for All, Forever
Above: Sophomore Sasha Sepahpur enjoyis a beautiful day during golf practice. Photo by Ethan Vanneman

By Frank Wickizer – Whizz! The dimpled ball flies through the air, spinning, as everyone watches it edge closer and closer to the hole and then it rolls in! It’s a hole in one! The excitement of the crowd cannot be contained, they explode with furious golf-clapping as the loser cries and throws his golf bag with all of his clubs into the water trap. This is how most people imagine golf to be, but for the Boy’s golf team, it is a much more relaxing experience. So relaxing, in fact, that “the biggest stressor all year was a sunburn,” said Sophomore, Asher Polivka.

“The coach is great. A humble man,” Asher said. Coach Larry Elwood has been the golf coach for several years and has been a mentor and a friend to everyone on the team. “I have always enjoyed the season as a whole and seeing the improvement of the players throughout the season,” Coach Larry Elwood added. His experience with golf is not unlike his players, he, himself “started when [he] was in high school and just enjoyed being outside playing all the different courses and challenge to improve.”

Seniors include Aidan Polivka and Jake Skarp. As a leader, Coach Larry Elwood said, “Jake Skarp has been doing a good job as a team leader and getting better every day.” Aidan Polivka is Sophomore Asher Polivka’s older brother, this dynamic duo is one of the many families at LHS that help LHS dominate sports.

The relaxation aspect is another important part of golf. It allows for individuals to enjoy the environment, the outside, and avoid certain parts of it at all costs, such as sand and water. Golfers must hate beaches. But seriously, as a relaxation technique, reveres it as one of the best. Something about long horizons and releasing all of one’s frustrations upon that dimpled ball allows for the players to not only stay relaxed after becoming relaxed, but also to become relaxed. Golf is a sport that teaches individuals lessons as well. Coach Larry Elwood said, “It teaches etiquette, sportsmanship, honesty just to name a few. It makes you challenge yourself in a way some other sports don’t. You are competing against yourself and at the same time you are playing for your teammates which is challenging.” This sort of competition creates a place where people can enjoy themselves no matter what, it’s about self improvement more than anything.

Many at LHS are in some way involved in athletics, but many are not. For those who aren’t, whether it be the desire to have fun instead, or be it the unwanted competition, there is now a way to get involved with athletics for these people. Golf is a sport considered by many to be above their skill level, or too competitive, but assumptions of that nature are not entirely well justified. Golf is a sport for all, it is inclusive, fun, less competitive than most other sports, and allows for a fun experience with fun people that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, due to the low physical output needed for high skill.


Above: Senior Aidan Polivka, and Senior Jake Skarp. Photo by Franklin Karst

Frank Wickizer
Frank Wickizer

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