Lincoln elementary teacher reaches finals of Voice competition.

Lincoln elementary teacher reaches finals of Voice competition.
Hannah Huston, one of the last nine contestants remaining in The Voice poses for a picture with her coach, Pharrell Williams. Photo courtesy, NBC.

By Najm Jabbar- Hannah Huston thinks music is “splendiferous.” She believed in that concept and passed it on to many of the pre-schoolers she taught at Arnold Elementary School.

Huston graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2013 and started working at Arnold Elementary School a year after that. But life changes by the instant, doesn’t it?

In the beginning of March 2016, Huston was chosen to perform on The Voice stage for the first time.  Within a few weeks, she became Nebraska’s Sweetheart and its new face.

In her first audition on the show, she caught the attention of all of the judges and turned three chairs. She eventually chose Pharrell’s team. She then made her way through the competition and is now one of the last nine competitors.

Huston was a surprise for everyone who met her during the show and every song she performed. “I want to be your backup singer,” Miley Cyrus told Hannah Huston while coaching her before her second performance.

After graduating from UNL, she started her singing career by holding small concert around Lincoln. She then turned her attention to teaching and started as a Preschool teacher at Arnold Elementary school. The Voice showed a video of the singer in her Arnold elementary school where she taught for over a year. Hannah is still not sure about going back to teaching. She’s letting the show decides the next chapter of her life

“There’s been a momentum shift in my life with the show happening. I’ll have to reevaluate some things when the show is over. Teaching is extremely important to me and has played a significant role in my life.” Hannah Huston told the Advocate after her fourth performance on The Voice.

Hannah Huston performing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep live on the Voice Stage. Photo curtsey, NBC.

The hashtag #TeacherHannah surfaced the internet quickly and was used by thousands of social media users within few days. The hashtag helped raise the number of votes and saved Hannah from being dropped out of the competition. This 10th season of the voice featured another contestant who has Nebraska ties.

Mary Sarah is also one of the last nine contestants remaining on the show and she has a family that lives in Omaha.

Najm Jabbar

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