Thursday Reading Test Altered Schedule

Thursday Reading Test Altered Schedule

By Paulo Gross –

This Thursday, September 29, 2016, there will be a reading test during third period. If you are unsure whether or not you are supposed to take this reading test, then ask your English teacher, and they can tell you.

The altered schedule for Thursday is as follows (notice that 5th and 6th periods are switched and that third period is 100 minutes long):

1st———-7:00-7:49 (49 minutes)
2nd———7:55-8:38 (43 minutes)
3rd——–8:44-10:24 (100 minutes for RGDE)
4th——–10:30-11:13 (43)

A-Class—11:54-12:37 (43)

B-Class—11:19-12:02 (43)

5th———12:43-1:26 (43)
7th———-1:32-2:15 (43)
8th———2:21-3:05 (44)

Paulo Gross
Paulo Gross

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