Student Vote TODAY: Speak up!

Student Vote TODAY: Speak up!

Students across Lincoln and the U.S. will have the chance to vote for President today even if they’re not 18 years-old.

Thanks to the Student Vote, students can go online and cast a ballot for national and local elections. Voting takes place during social studies classes throughout the day, or students can also vote any time in the computer lab in the Media Center (Room 100L) or by mobile device.

The results of Lincoln’s election will be announced live on radio station KFOR 1240 FM at 4:10 p.m. with Jill St. James by North Star students. They will also be recorded LIVE on LPS’s Facebook page and updated on the Advocate Online.

In addition to voting for President, students can also cast votes in Lincoln for state school board and the referendum on the death penalty.

Click here to fill out your ballot.



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