Pop Culture class meets director, actor, writer and professor, Booker T Mattison

Pop Culture class meets director, actor, writer and professor, Booker T Mattison

By Nancy Rippenberg – On November 4th, 2016, English teacher Christopher Maly’s third period Pop Culture Studies class experienced a special treat. Director, writer, actor and professor Booker T Mattison came to speak to the class about his passion for writing.

Mattison’s visit included watching his short film, Exit 13, and taking questions about the short film when he was done. When talking about his writing, how to get writing out there and on the page, he remarked, “I highly recommend writing at the same time every day”, although each, individual writer should try to find whatever works for them. He added  that it doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you write. “It’s not about writing folks. It’s about rewriting.”

Mattison mentioned that, for the writers who cannot get the words to the page, that they should use Memo, something he uses on the regular for his ideas when he doesn’t have access to something to write on. He expressed countless times that when writing, to “write what you’re passionate about,” to take what you know is you, and to use it.

Booker T Mattison is, at the moment working on his third novel, his first two entitled, “Unsigned Hype” and “Snitch,” both of which have been adapted for TV. His most recent short film, “Bird,” has been screened at places such as the National Black Writers Conference in New York, the Urbanworld Film Festival and Hampton, Norfolk State, Bethune-Cookman and Stetson Universities.

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