LPS United Student Protest Today! [Canceled]

LPS United Student Protest Today! [Canceled]

By Paulo Gross –

Recently, LHS seniors Vale Cruz and Odalis Farias Carlin went to Senior Shoshanah Tzofiya with an idea that came to light after the General Election. Today after school at Lincoln High School their idea will come to fruition.

At 3:05 pm today, there will be a student protest in response to the results of the Presidential Election. “It’s all about unity,”Tzofiya said. This isn’t the only protest she has helped with. She’s helped her dad with setting up protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline, for LGBT rights and against the DAPL.

Students will meet and walk from the Lewis Ball Park to the Capitol Building and back. This is 16 blocks in total. Today is a PLC day, so school ends at 2:05 pm. This hour long interim is in place to give time to students in other schools to make their way to LHS. Students were encouraged to make signs to hold up for the protest. Signs must not have handles, or sticks attached for this to be a legal protest. A permit was acquired from the state government for this protest by protest coordinator Shoshanah Tzofiya.

*Update: This protest was canceled.


Paulo Gross
Paulo Gross

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