Learn To Dream Scholarship: Helping make dreams become reality

Learn To Dream Scholarship: Helping make dreams become reality
Counselor Van Nguyen and Naji Smoqy (12) review scholarship applications. You have until the last day of school [May 24th] to apply for the Learn To Dream Scholarship. Photo by Ahmed Naser

By Ahmed Naser (News) –

If you are looking to further your education to college, you know that money gets tight. Textbooks get expensive and so do classes, some more than others depending where you want to study. Many times it discourages students to think about furthering their education because they cannot afford college.

But luckily, there are many grants and scholarships out there that will help pay for your education. But there is one specific scholarship local to the Lincoln community and Lincoln Public schools which can help you out a lot. That scholarship is the Learn To Dream Scholarship.

The Learn to Dream scholarship is a scholarship that is available to all LPS and some private schools in Lincoln. The scholarship is a partnership between Union Bank, Nelnet, and LPS which helps provide scholarship opportunities for students on free and reduced lunch.

The Learn to Dream scholarship helps you get up to 45 college credit hours, or around $2,550 of tuition, which is roughly one year of free college tuition, at any of the three SCC campuses (Lincoln, Milford, Beatrice). Each class you take has a different number of credits for it in college, so it can help you go a long ways. The scholarship is just for SCC only, It cannot be used for any other colleges or universities.

LHS counselor Van Nguyen said, “We have a lot of people who applied, but we definitely have a lot more folks who qualify and they don’t apply. It’s open the whole year, so they have up to before the last day of school to apply for it. As long as I get it, I will submit it to the district and get it processed.” Nguyen highly encourages eligible students to apply for it because it can help you out a lot.

You can sign up for the scholarship in the counseling center, where the application is on the rack. Your counselors can help assist you through the paperwork process and help you achieve this scholarship.

Myscholly.com is also a online scholarship finder that helps you locate scholarships specifically for you. Use all the resources you can get because who doesn’t love free money!

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