• Lake Superior: Rightfully Named

    Lake Superior: Rightfully Named0

    Lake Superior is not called so for no reason. While the large expanse of water itself may be boastful (the lake is the largest in the world by surface area and the third-largest by volume), the lake and its shores are incredibly beautiful. Many places along the Minnesota North Shore provide stunning glimpses of the

  • Burning money or expanding your options?

    Burning money or expanding your options?0

    • A&E
    • March 24, 2017

    Psychology – one of the most underrated and not understood career pathways. A career pathway more people should consider going into. Although 80% of people surveyed said they knew at least one career a person can obtain with a psychology degree, 77% of those people recorded only knowing careers as a counselor, therapist, teacher, or

  • Ghosts: Real or Fiction?

    Ghosts: Real or Fiction?0

    From the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to the spirits haunting our favorite horror films, and even on to our animated friend Casper the Friendly Ghost, ghosts appear quite often in our culture. But these spooky beings aren’t just another American fad; ghosts have been prevalent for centuries. As early as the first

  • Changes in Football Protective Gear

    Changes in Football Protective Gear0

    Pro Football Hall Of Fame, a football history site, says “the date was November 12, 1892, a day that would forever be etched in sports history.” This was that day that the first pro football game was played. It was between the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club.  Since then important advancements have

  • The Iditarod: Alaska’s Grand Event

    The Iditarod: Alaska’s Grand Event0

    Alaska is the most sparsely populated state in the United States with a little over 700,000 people. This cold state is most known for its diverse terrain and outdoor-themed TV shows, but not many know about one of the state’s largest events, the Iditarod, or the Last Great Race on Earth. The Iditarod is a

  • 10 Weirdest Holidays

    10 Weirdest Holidays0

    • A&E
    • February 27, 2017

    1. Squirrel Appreciation Day – January 21 According to the creator of the day, Christy Hargrove, the “Celebration of the event itself is up to the individual or group – anything from putting out extra food for the squirrels to learning something new about the species.” The day is celebrated annually on January 21 and