• Tips to Sketchbook Success

    Tips to Sketchbook Success0

    What many people do not realize is that artists practice their skills, too. Many artists choose to do so by filling sketchbooks. The contents of a sketchbook may or may not see the light of day, but some artists will still worry about how their sketches look. Do not fret, for looking artsy often takes

  • Looking Ahead with Tarot

    Looking Ahead with Tarot0

    Throughout history people have looked for a way to see one’s future. Why wonder about the future when you can know what is to come? Various forms of divination have surfaced, but many people are often sceptical of these methods. Take tarot for example: a deck of 78 cards used as means of fortune-telling. Seems

  • Picture This: On Photo Editing

    Picture This: On Photo Editing0

    Most photos published in media undergo post-processing. But if done correctly, editing can go unnoticed (for the most part). To demonstrate, this photo will be edited with a step-by-step explanation: This photo of our newspaper staff was the best option out of all the photos taken. However, the mask in the background is distracting from

  • United Airlines incident

    United Airlines incident0

    On Sunday, a man was dragged off an airplane by police officers at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport when he refused to give up his seat on a flight to Louisville, Kentucky. The man who was dragged off the plane was earlier selected at random to have to give up his seat to make room

  • Simple Tips to Learn a New Language

    Simple Tips to Learn a New Language0

    Learning a new language can be hard, and even after three or four years of taking a foreign language class in high school, it often does not feel as if the skill has stuck. But what else can you do? Popular foreign language tools such as Rosetta Stone are quite expensive, but with a bit

  • Feminist Fight Against Social Media

    Feminist Fight Against Social Media0

    International Women’s Day, formerly known as “International Working Women’s Day”, was earlier this year on March 8. And for numerous reasons this year, the day holds a lot more importance for women, especially across the U.S. According to the International Women’s Day official website, International Women’s Day is “a global day celebrating the social, economic,