• Yellow fever outbreak causes concerns for US citizens

    Yellow fever outbreak causes concerns for US citizens0

    An outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil is raising serious concerns that the disease could spread to the United States. It could have the ability to spread across borders like the Zika virus did recently. Even though the likelihood of a yellow fever outbreak is low, travel-related cases could occur, along with transmission in warm

  • Haunted Locations In Lincoln, Nebraska

    Haunted Locations In Lincoln, Nebraska0

    Lincoln, Nebraska is considered a regular city with not a lot of activity. The main stereotype of Lincoln is that it is full of farmers and corn. Nebraska is ranked the 8th happiest state in America according to WalletHub. With the cliche of happy farmers, no one seems to ever think of Nebraska to be

  • LNE Students’ Thoughts On The Presidential Inauguration

    LNE Students’ Thoughts On The Presidential Inauguration0

    The presidential election of 2016 was arguably the most controversial in American history. Supporters of liberalism and conservatism came together to vote for their respective presidential nominees. Donald Trump was the presiding winner of the election, granting him the ability to be the star of the 2017 presidential inauguration. The inauguration happened on January 20th,

  • Kneeling During the National Anthem

    Kneeling During the National Anthem0

    In a country built on taking from minorities, from taking Native Americans land to slavery, the oppression of minorities is still a hot topic debated today. The oppression and racism that the black community faces, to this day, is something much of the country has grown tired of. To protest this, something called the black

  • Armed Forces Day0

    Armed Forces Day is a single day in May used to honor all of the men and women who serve in the military. Every military soldier that has been in the front lines has a story, but not all of them live to tell it. This Day is used to honor those who didn’t live

  • National Hamburger Month

    National Hamburger Month0

    Start up your grill, because it is National Hamburger Month! May has always been a month of cookouts, mainly because of the nice weather and because Memorial Day weekend is towards the end of May. The term “hamburger” actually originated from Hamburg steak, which was was first recorded in 1884. This “Hamburg Steak” was commonly