• Looking Ahead with Tarot

    Looking Ahead with Tarot0

    Throughout history people have looked for a way to see one’s future. Why wonder about the future when you can know what is to come? Various forms of divination have surfaced, but many people are often sceptical of these methods. Take tarot for example: a deck of 78 cards used as means of fortune-telling. Seems

  • Passive-Aggressive Letter from an Upperclassman0

    Dear Students of Lincoln Northeast High School, I am writing to tell you a thing or two I have noticed about our wonderful school and student body. There are several things that go unnoticed that the students here at Northeast do and should definitely be recognized for. I mean the positive, upbeat attitude everybody has

  • Feminist Fight Against Social Media

    Feminist Fight Against Social Media0

    International Women’s Day, formerly known as “International Working Women’s Day”, was earlier this year on March 8. And for numerous reasons this year, the day holds a lot more importance for women, especially across the U.S. According to the International Women’s Day official website, International Women’s Day is “a global day celebrating the social, economic,

  • A Guide to Surviving Finals

    A Guide to Surviving Finals0

    Every high schooler can relate to the very dreaded and stressful week during finals. Not only are teachers cramming in lessons and more homework assignments, but we also have to study for the biggest tests in the semester. Finals week drags on forever, while the week prior goes by in what seems like five minutes.

  • Don’t shop, adopt: 5 great reasons why adopting a dog is better than buying one

    Don’t shop, adopt: 5 great reasons why adopting a dog is better than buying one0

    A dog is the most common household pet in the United States. With such a high demand of puppies as pets, corporations breed them to sell more to people. When people are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, they are more drawn to a “new” puppy, instead of a “used” one from a shelter.

  • A Day Without A Woman

    A Day Without A Woman0

    International Women’s Day occurred on March 8th of this year. The organizers of the monumental Women’s March decided to plan A Day Without a Women on this day as well. Women play a huge part in society and nothing would work flawlessly without the presence of women. Girls across the nation wanted to make that