• National Honor Society Induction

    National Honor Society Induction0

    Many East High juniors, and some seniors, walked across the school’s auditorium to receive their certificate of induction to the National Honor Society on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Roughly 169 students were accepted into NHS after applying back in January or February. Since this organization’s main purposes are to promote scholarship, service, leadership, and character,

  • From The Audience to The Stage!

    From The Audience to The Stage!0

    Lincoln East Sophomore Pierce Yates had the opportunity to perform with the Lincoln Civic Orchestra at Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Rogers Center for Fine Arts on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Though this concert was their final concert for the 2016-2017 season, this was Yate’s first show with this ensemble. Yates sat amongst the audience for the

  • Behind the Scenes: Student Managers

    Behind the Scenes: Student Managers0

    Student managers are a special addition to the sports teams at Lincoln East that help both coaches and athletes stay focused and be successful.  The student managers are passionate about the sport they manage, and take the time to attend practices and games, as well as record statistics and help with drills. Most of the

  • A Magical Prom Night

    A Magical Prom Night0

    Prom royalty voting has been going on for the past couple weeks and our votes finally came to a result on prom night.  Carly Bool is your homecoming queen and Micah Wilson is your homecoming king.  Carly was the favorite by most of the east population because she is such a sweet and cool girl,

  • Post Prom- What happened?

    Post Prom- What happened?0

    After the big event of Prom on April 22, the Spartan Stampede post prom party was held at East High in the main hallway by the gyms. Food lined tables going down the hall and the western themed spirit was shown through cowboy hats, western themed candy on tables for the students, and bandanas as

  • No More NeSA?

    No More NeSA?0

    As a student in my last year of free education, I am pretty used to constant national, state, and local school administered tests.  This has became a norm of my educational experience as well as the majority of students my age and older.  Announcements courtesy of superintendent Steve Joel and associates this year have informed