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  • Trump is Turning Things Around

    Trump is Turning Things Around0

    “The U.S. economy is doing very very well at the moment,” says Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First, a foreign exchange firm, according to a CNN article by Patrick Gillespie. The United State’s Labor Department claimed, that during President Donald Trump’s first full month in office, he managed to add 235,000 jobs to the

  • Dance Trends: Songs That Influenced The Dances

    Dance Trends: Songs That Influenced The Dances0

    Dancing has been a favorite past time for many years. While balls and other formal dance parties aren’t in style any more, people continue to enjoy informal dance parties, such as raves and bar dancing.  Here are some of the most trendy dances through the years. The 1960’s  music was known for “The British Invasion.”

  • Simplifying the Mind

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    There’s a clock on the wall and it continuously taunts you. Its hour and minute hands are finally moving but too quickly now. No one is talking and no one is allowed to talk. There’s a teacher watching. Keep your eyes to yourself. Someone turned a page. Are you not going fast enough? Sniffles and

  • Bills By Adults, For Students

    Bills By Adults, For Students0

    Many of these bills affect students, as well as have two sides which to argue for. Some of which to keep an eye on are the death penalty, school vouchers, and a physical restraint proposed for unruly students.

  • Moving L(across)e the Midwest

    Moving L(across)e the Midwest0

    Is Lacrosse the future sport of the Midwest?  The sport is slowly making its way from the East Coast to the Great Plains as many people never expected.  Lacrosse is very popular on the east coast, and is even more popular than football.  Nebraska has always been known as a football state, but the people