• Dance Trends: Songs That Influenced The Dances

    Dance Trends: Songs That Influenced The Dances0

    Dancing has been a favorite past time for many years. While balls and other formal dance parties aren’t in style any more, people continue to enjoy informal dance parties, such as raves and bar dancing.  Here are some of the most trendy dances through the years. The 1960’s  music was known for “The British Invasion.”

  • New Photography Technology

    New Photography Technology0

    Photography continues to hold a grand appeal, giving the ability to capture countless moments in their lives. Over the course of the past few years, advancements in Light Field Technology have been changing the world of photography as we know it. A camera company, Lytro, introduced this phenomenon in 2012 with the world’s first initial

  • Frolicking Among The Flocks

    Frolicking Among The Flocks0

    Between the months of the late February and early April, over 600,000 Sandhill Cranes annually pause at the Platte River Valley in Nebraska before continuing north for the summer. Eighty percent of the world’s Sandhill crane population congregates along the Platte River to fill up on leftover corn in farm fields before leaving for their

  • East Show Choir Takes on Minnesota

    East Show Choir Takes on Minnesota0

    This weekend the Lincoln East Show Choirs will be packing up and taking their shows all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to compete in the Totino-Grace Show Choir Spectacular. Both Express and Elegance show choirs will be competing this weekend, in different divisions.  Express, the varsity show choir which is in the mixed group category

  • Blast from the Past

    Blast from the Past0

    In Vannevar Bush’s futuristic piece published in the July 1945 issue of the Atlantic, he calls for refined relationship between man and our collective knowledge. Although he may not have understood it at the time, Bush was alluding to our modern internet. Bush spoke of being able to review our past through an analytical lens,

  • The Oopsie at the Oscars

    The Oopsie at the Oscars0

    On Sunday February 26, 2017 the 89th Academy awards held in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California became an unfortunate disaster when the wrong name was announced as the winner of best picture.  “And the Oscar goes to…” started Warren Beatty. He paused, showing the card to his partner, Faye Dunaway, and she finished