• Holiday Shopping

    Holiday Shopping0

    With the conclusion of Thanksgiving commences the beginning of the Christmas season, while Christmas has basically started since before Halloween. On Thanksgiving night at 6pm crowds of people were lined outside of stores preparing to delve into the madness for the best deals of the season.  These days it seems Thanksgiving is overlooked as just

  • How To Write A Good Finals Paper

    How To Write A Good Finals Paper0

    With finals approaching, everyone is anxious about studying and getting good grades. For some of us, one or multiple finals might include writing a paper. This can often be very stressful, especially for those of us who are not very good at writing. Well, if that’s you, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here are

  • Business Education in High School

    Business Education in High School0

    While it may not be obvious, high school business education is way more important than many think. Business education that is geared toward high school students serves as a general introduction to available careers and success in the workplace. Undergraduate business education in college helps non-business majors teach students to communicate effectively, and help in

  • A Final Song

    A Final Song0

    Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, East’s 2016 Fall Musical, featured two senior leads. Jenna Tuckerman, and Anthony Munson.

  • Randy Stollar’s E-Bike

    Randy Stollar’s E-Bike0

    Randy Stollar, a member of the custodial staff, has a notably different mode of transportation. Whereas many people travel by car or bus, Randy travels by bicycle. As ordinary as this may sound, Randy’s bike can go up 30 miles per hour, and has large batteries on the sides. It can charge his phone as

  • And the Sparties Awards goes to…

    And the Sparties Awards goes to…0

    Once the school year begins in August, there is a lot of things the students look forward to. There is Spartan Football of course, the homecoming dance, and we can’t forget the Blood Drive. But there is a special event that always has the students feeling a little more excited than normal. The event is