• A Shortened Week? Great!

    A Shortened Week? Great!0

    For two weeks in April, East High School will be experiencing a phenomenon known as a “compressed work week.” Due to hosting a music competition, the Easter Break, and a juniors-only ACT testing day, most students will be enjoying back-to-back shortened work weeks. But is the shortened work week truly advantageous? 43% of businesses have

  • The Problem with College Admissions: An Op-Ed

    The Problem with College Admissions: An Op-Ed0

    This is a momentous time in many high schoolrers]\\ lives. Senior Prom, College admissions, and leaving a schooling system that some of us have been in for close to 13 years. Graduating High School is often a time in which we start on a path that carries us through our life. There are a few paths

  • Cats and Science

    Cats and Science0

    There’s a stray cat near your house. As you try to approach the seemingly underfed cat, it hisses and retreats. There’s cat food in the garage, and almost instinctively, you set out a bowl for the cat. Why wouldn’t you? Feeding a starving animal seems like the right thing to do. You based your actions