• Build the Wall

    Build the Wall0

    “Sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated.” In his first interview with 60 Minutes since becoming President-elect, Donald Trump appeared to backtrack from or soften some of his more controversial stances from the campaign trail.  Trump’s unprecedented campaign ran on a series of roughly seven core promises that lit a fire under

  • Chokers on the Rise

    Chokers on the Rise0

    As impressionable youth, trends promoted on social media and the big screen drive us to make decisions.  Most of the time we follow these trends without understanding the history or symbolism of them.  Chokers necklaces arouse all sorts of opinions, and stereotypes, yet they somehow continue to come back as a staple accessory. The history

  • Veggies? Or a bacon double with a side of smart fashion?

    Veggies? Or a bacon double with a side of smart fashion?0

    Environmentally speaking, most people don’t think about what they could do to improve our world or they make small changes like cutting their shower time or changing light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs instead.  With this in mind, I dove into a subject more deeply than usual: the clothes we put on our back and the

  • Teacher Shenanigans

    Teacher Shenanigans0

    Within the last couple weeks, there have been many photos of one of the campus supervisors going up around the school.  Ryan wanted as many of them taken down and wanted to know who’s behind this big prank.  Ryan said that the culprit stole pictures off his desk and photocopied them and spread them throughout

  • Criminal Minds Review

    Criminal Minds Review0

    Season 3, Episode 6, “About Face” I started watching Criminal Minds about three months ago.  It has been one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched.  It always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This episode if the first one that someone has replaced the old character, Gideon.  The new character is a

  • Prom Night0

    The big day of the year, where juniors and seniors get a night to dress themselves up and feel like princes and princesses is finally here.  You guessed it: prom! Prom usually wraps up the whole year.  Kind of a “send off” for the senior class.   Most girls start getting ready around four hours