• Criminal Minds Review

    Criminal Minds Review0

    Season 3, Episode 6, “About Face” I started watching Criminal Minds about three months ago.  It has been one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched.  It always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This episode if the first one that someone has replaced the old character, Gideon.  The new character is a

  • Prom Night0

    The big day of the year, where juniors and seniors get a night to dress themselves up and feel like princes and princesses is finally here.  You guessed it: prom! Prom usually wraps up the whole year.  Kind of a “send off” for the senior class.   Most girls start getting ready around four hours

  • The Masters0

    Every year in early April, a golf tournament known as “The Masters” rolls around with heavy anticipation. Although some consider it to be just another golf tournament, this one is truly special. The Masters is the best golf tournament of the year.

  • Fifth Wave

    Fifth Wave0

    The Fifth Wave is a dystopian book set in the near future, where there have been five waves of alien attacks on earth wiping out nearly everyone.  The book follows the path of Cassie, a young girl who has lost everything in the attacks, and her fight to find her brother.  This book has now

  • A Fresh Start0

    Looking back on my childhood Barbies were always a part of my playtime regime. I think it’s an amazing thing that girls may get a better sense of empowerment with a doll that they can tailor make to be just like them.

  • The Insanity of Valentines Day

    The Insanity of Valentines Day0

    I’m pretty sure that no one, no matter how in love, should attempt to connect the martyr of a mysterious saint with stuffed animals and Cupid.


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